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Women - Outfit of the week

Autumn is on ladies. If you want to put a touch of alternative on, and get rid of that commercial, all around ripped jeans look that is everywhere here is a way. And guess what...It will not cost you a fortune either. Let's work our way from the bottom up.

Trousers: Flares are back, but go subtle. Don't opt for the really long baggy flares, that you need to wear with stripper like pumps. Instead, go for a pair of black denim Levis 512, stretch boot-cut. Any stilettos with a touch of silver or rustic gold studs will work wonders with it

Top: Give the outfit an alternative touch with a "can't go wrong " Ed Hardy white polo shirt. The skull together with the glittering studs add a magnificent feminine yet "tough girl" element to the outfit.

Sunglasses: Oversized Square Cat like Sunglasses. Although many of you girls may be tempted to go for mirror ray-bans to complete the outfit, this will however make it dull. Yes Ray-ban aviators are classic, but they are everywhere, and you want to be slightly different.

Budget: Levis 512 - $ 50, Ed Hardy T-shirt $ 25 - 40 , Sunglasses: $12 on e-bay

You are buying neutral colors and each of the three items can be combined easily with other outfits. So $ 85 is not busting the bank and the items will get you going for many seasons to come.

For any questions, info on the items, or other combinations please contact Vrazilianos

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