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Men's Autumn outfit of the week

Autumn is in full swing for a few more weeks. No need to go heavy yet, but also no need to let go of that colourful island spirit you enjoyed during your holidays.

Aztec Red Bohemian Fabric Rope Boho Necklace. Yes, this is a men's necklace. You can find same or similar online for € 9.50 don't be scared of colour or looking different guys.

Long sleeve men cardigan coat with deep V neck. Material is polyester. Can wear with a white t-shirt underneath on a cooler day, but in general this is meant to be a more plain outfit and the contrast with white would look quite harsh. Thus my personal preference would be to wear without shirt underneath and let the necklace do the highlight work. You can buy online for € 12 -14 in various colours.

Men's Tai Chi loose pants. Pure cotton, with ankle tie feature. Comes in blue (above) black or grey colour and manages to capture a transition style between autumn and winter. Sells online for € 19.

Men's casual lace slip on loafers (anti - slip rubber sole). What better way to complement the Tai Chi trouser with these mat swede loafers that blend in perfect. You can also get them in dark brown and black. Can order them from UK online at € 15.

All and all with € 55 you can make this elegant casual outfit for walking the town during the day. What's more important, you will look sophisticated, and not like a model that has just hopped out of department store window. Just dare to be different.

For any info regarding the items and where these can be found please contact Vrazilianos

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