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Men Late Autumn Outfit

Winter is slowly approaching and your khakis should slowly be getting out of the closet and getting ready to wear. Today we explore a casual late autumn outfit for men. The base of the outfit is the beige khakis which is an item found on most men's wardrobe. We step it up a nudge by combining with a Mao Shaolin Olive Green shirt, and we let the shoes, the shades and the half glove give it the edge.

Sunglasses: Start with the purple lens round John Lennon Ray Bans (RB 3447 frame code) . It will cost you about $150 to buy and be very careful. The purple lens is quite rare, and there is too many fakes (of this particular colour). So anything less $90 should make you suspicious. Green, Blue Mirror, and Red are much more common and easier to find at a good price.

Shirt:Vintage Mens Ancient Chinese Style Kung Fu linen Cotton Casual 3/4 Sleeve Shirts. Can find same or similar on e bay for $15 - $45. This timeless Mao Style shirt will set you apart from all the high-street slim fit shirts. Important, don't wear anything underneath (white or black basics). The style is simplistic. Don't ruin it with unnecessary clutter, undershirt, neck jewellery etc.

Trousers: Mens Beige Loose Fit Khaki Pants. Classic, and can get same from Dockers, Calvin Klein, and a few other designers. Featured here, you can get on e-bay for $17. There is one in every man's closet. Never buy khakis tight. Always make sure you leave some breathing space so they look loose and comfortable. In this outfit they are the neutral base on which we area able to combine the Oriental style, and the remaining items.

Shoes: Purple Suede Loafers to complement the shades. The pair pictured here, costs $50. Depending on your budget, you can go for Tods or Ralph Lauren at $250, Gucci at $350, Tom Ford at $450 and so on.

Accessories: Half Glove. To add the edge to your outfit you can top it up with a (only one) knit olive green or army green have glove on one hand. It ads a "Street Element" to your outfit. It should not cost you more than $20 for a good pair, and they will come in handy in winter as well.

The Khakis and the Mao Shirt are classic items that will serve many outfits in your wardrobe. Purple is by no means and easy colour, whether in Shoes or in Sunglasses, but it will add the wow factor to this outfit, and also other neutral colours outfits.

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