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Ripped jeans - Leave the symmetry out

Undoubtedly the last two seasons have been full of denim. Hot pants , leggings , jeans , shirts, you name it. What has been a particular favourite for women is ripped jeans of any kind. Like with most trends that become very popular and reach the high-street department stores, unless slightly differentiated from one another they can become too repetitive and dull too soon. I find this to be particularly the case with skinny jeans symmetrically ripped in a way that one leg is a mirror image of the other. Not that there something inherently wrong with symmetry, but it can become super boring. Back in be mid eighties when we started wearing jeans, every rip had its own story. The jeans were part of you. The more random the rip the better it looked. It all goes back to you wearing the jeans as opposed to the jeans wearing you. Nowadays, the trend is trying to recreate a pseudo-indie rock look, on girls that may otherwise never have sat on the grass or ridden on the back of a motorcycle, or never even left the city. Wear the style , but make it your own. You don't need 100 rips nor 2 . You need a pair of jeans stonewashed a few times , and one rip. Take a knife and either scratch up and down until the threads underneath the denim start showing, or just cut a patch out with a pair of scissors. The rest, wear it for a month and let your body and the washing machine do the work. A ripped pair of jeans should tell a story, and you are better off this story is your own, not the one of the designer.

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